Swim in the pool
For our overnight guests, there is a heated swimming pool. Take a refreshing morning swim, let the children play and splash while you can relax on loungers on the pool deck. Or a nice evening swim. If you want to sit in the sauna or hot tub, you are welcome with your booking. Open when the sun is up. You are responsible for yourself and your child’s safety in the pool area.
Sauna and hot tub
Our overnight guests may book our wood-fired sauna and hot tub. See price
Grill cabin
Borrow our grill cottage or gas grill located in the courtyard, free of charge. Bring own coal.
All the animals
Here you are greeted by an abundance of wildlife , from small to large animals. First and foremost, all our alpacas and the protective lamas . But also a lovely bunch of hens and two roosters. You will also be welcomed by our peacocks that is distinguished by its beautiful colors and spectacular extended tailfeathers .

Our farm dog Malta meet you when you arrive,  – please pet and great me!

In the pond in the yard swim a number of goldfish in the company of char.

Are you interested in birds you’ve come to the right place, the nature around here offer a rich birdlife.

Walk with alpacas

Go for a walk in the woods for an hour with Alpacas (for our overnight guests ). Price: 780 SEK per person . Minimum age for walking with own alpaca is 10 years. Children under 10 years free.
Since Alpacas are flock animals, at least two people have to participate for a walk to avoid stress among the animals.

Borrow bikes
Bikes are available on the farm to borrow for the whole day. Price: 200 SEK per cycle.
PUB & Lounge
A real English pub has been added to the barn. Here you can enjoy a crackling fire and cold beer from Carlsberg or from the locally produced beers from Oppigårds brewery in Dalarna .
Jogging tracks
Jogging tracks in the forest at just under one minute of running time from the house . There are several different distances to choose from and varied terrain. Here you can also pick mushrooms, blueberries or visit the barbecue area on the ridge.
Riding tours / Western riding
Experience true Riding harmoni! Bring a friend (or come alone) and follow a guided ride on our quiet western trained Arab horses. You start to get acquainted with your horse. Then brushes, saddles and braid the horses and sitting up in comfortable Western saddles . After a western lesson in the paddock we set off on a ride tailored to the participants’ riding skills and desires.

Read more: www.ridharmoni.se

Fishing / Canoeing
Fishing and hire a rowing boat or canoe on the lake Storljusen which is two kilometers from the house . The lake has a long interesting history behind it and is rich in fish. Here you can also go ice skating or driving a race car during the winter. We help to arrange everything for you.
Fridas garden
Visit Frida’s garden where you can picnic, go on the course / lecture or treat yourself to a örtkonsultation. Frida’s Garden is a small open garden dedicated to cultivating the joy . Frida’s Garden is in Broddbo outside Sala in Västmanland. It has an herb garden, vegetable garden, medicinal plants , bees and chickens. Read more
de Wilde Outdoor
de Wilde Outdoor
De Wilde Outdoor offers everything from a guided fishing, beaver safari at dusk to tandem paragliding. All activities are tailored together with our customers.

Read more: www.dewildeoutdoor.se

Sala Silver Mine
10 minutes to the Sala silver mine! For many years Sala was Europe’s largest producer of silver. Today, the mine is an adventure for the whole family. On guided tours you can take travel 155 meters underground where the winding paths sprawling. Surrounding the mine are also the mining museum , police museum , the craftsmen , the silversmith and Werdshuset . Read more
Sala high rope course
At the mine in Sala is one of Sweden’s most exciting adventure courses . There are eleven stations at high altitude and to end it all goes to a long cable car high above the ground . Read more
Gårdsjö Älgpark
Gårdsjö Elk Park
By tractor and trailer can go straight into the Swedish forest to watch moose in its natural environment. You also get the opportunity to pat the powerful animals. Read more
Aguéli Museum
This is the largest collection of Aguéli works of several renowned artists contemporaneous with Aguéli and later. These include Karln Nordström, Helene Schjerfbeck and Sven X:et Erixson. Read more
Kokpunkten / Boiling point
Experience Sweden’s largest, action swimming pool just 40 minutes from us.

Your heart will beat a harder blow when you step out. A rush in your stomach feels right on pulse. The blood in your veins flows as fast as the water in the steepest path you have traveled. This is what we call ‘bathdrenalin’.

Read more: kokpunkten.se

Mat o Prat
Food & chatter
Want to eat out? We recommend Food & chatter – Norrmanska farm.
In central Sala from 1736. The farm consists of several houses built with different features. This type of farm was previously common in Sala and in other smaller trading towns . Today, the buildings can accommodate art gallery, restaurant and beauty salons. A cozy restaurant with charm and delightful staff.

Food & chatter serves both dinner and lunch . If you wish to eat here on the farm we will arrange catering for you.
Read more : www.matoprat.nu

Sätra brunn
Sätra Brunn
For people who need to stop the time to start the thought, Sätra Brunn offers an oasis in the present. A place for recovery, meetings and innovation, where the holistiv view of humanity is central. Our Key Words are Healing-Learning-Creating.

Read more : www.satrabrunn.se

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