Sala’s Historic silver mine

Sala Silver mine is one of the world’s best preserved mine settings . Here you will be met by dark winding galleries , grand and water -filled caverns. Everything is broken with the people’s bare hands makes the impression even more impressive.

Sala silver mine is a silver deposit in Sala . The mine had three greatness of times: the early 1500s , mid -1600s and late 1800s . During the best years in the 1500s produced 3-5 tonnes of silver per year and in total were recovered more than 450 tons of silver and about 40 000 tonnes of lead. The mine’s depth was more than 300 meters, with a total length of resorts and rooms of over 20 km. Sala silver mine is thus far the most important silver deposit in Sweden . The silver was important that the coin metal and mine was under Charles IX Riksens chief Clenodium .

Stay at Norrängens Alpacka only 10 minutes to Sala silvermine where you can experience the excitement and adventure combined with a quiet and harmonious accommodation. Test the spectacular high-rope with ropeways , suspension bridges and other challenges of height or a guided tour into the dark mine . End the day with a relaxing hot tub and a good night’s sleep with us at Norrängens Alpacka.

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