FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the information about our farm , overnight, alpacas etc. You will find the appropriate tab . Below you will find answers to the most common questions we get from our guests. If you cant find your answer in spite of this , email us at info@norrangen.com. We ask you to first email us because we are often busy taking care of the farm.

Alpacas and the farm

When can I visit your farm?

Answer: Welcome to Norrängens Alpaca on Saturdays from May to September pm . 10:00 guided tour. Price 250:- SEK for adults and 125:- for children including coffee and refreshments . For groups over 10 can private guided tours be arranged please  email us 🙂 ! Price 250:- per person.

How many alpacas have you?
Answer: Our goal for 2016 is a total of 160 alpacas. We have about 30 ‘Crias’ from 2015 playing in the fields around the B&B
What do alpacas eat?
Answer: Pellets concentrated feed , hay, silage and grass.
Can you go into the alpacas when you stay overnight?
Answer: All of our overnight guests receive a guided tour, we begin to jointly go in and meet the alpacas. Then you might get to pet the animals and possibly attend the feeding of them.
Can children participate and feed the Alpacas?
Answer: Yes, children are helping to feed the Alpacas. Some of our alpacas bottle- fed and you may be able to help with this.


Is the sheets and towels included in the accommodation?
Answer: Yes, in both B&B and the apartment are sheets and towels included.
Can I bring my pets?
Answer: yes we allow pets but only in the  two bedroom apartment on the ground floor. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times on the farm without exception.
Can you bring the dog into the Alpacas?
Answer: No, dogs are not allowed into the Alpaca enclosures , dogs should be kept on leads when outside at the farm.
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