Norrängens Alpaca – About us

At Norrängen’s Alpacka, Paul lives with his sons Liam, Dylan and Oscar, and the dog Malta. Paul moved to Sweden after meeting a Swedish girl during a trip to Asia and soon afterwards, the son Liam arrived.

That the driven Englishman should then end up in the small village of Broddbo was nothing planned but the beautiful farm and its history caught his interest and since then Paul has remained in Broddbo.

Full of ideas, energy and with a great love for animals, the farm quickly grew from having a dog to the activities that Norrängen’s Alpacka now includes. Here you can find alpacas, llamas, hens, peacocks and fish. Sometimes you can also see deer and moose stroll around the house.

A very common sight is to see Paul sitting on an upside-down bucket on the field with his alpacas. There he sits and enjoys the animals company and the peace that nature provides before the tasks at the farm is taken care of.

This is a business with so much life and joy!

Norrängen history

The house on Norrängen was built in 1920 by Oscar Broden and has been inhabited by, among other things, the famous singer Thory Bernhards.

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