About alpacas

The alpaca is a camilid originally from the Andes  Alpaca are a herd animal and therefore always live together with other alpacas. With 22 different prime Colours alpaca are the most colorful wool-producing animal in the world. The wool is non-allergenic and free from grease. It is three times stronger and seven times warmer than sheep’s wool and is said to be one of the world’s finest wool.

Alpacas are calm and have a very good vision and hearing. Perhaps that is why they seem to have a feeling for the needs of others and are curious about new surroundings and people.

Spending time with animals makes us humans feel better close contact is considered to have a positive effect on both heart rate and blood pressure. After meeting animals our stress hormone cortisol and the activity of the hormone oxytocin increases, which among other things reduces aggression and anxiety.

For a long time alpacas have been considered ideal therapy animals, with their agreeable nature, they light up the day for both children and adults. Somehow they get us to relax, perhaps because they prefer the company of someone who is peaceful and can handle the mood and moves in a calm and collected manner. Are you stressed or sick a little time around alpacas make you forget everything for a while and let you relax and feel better. Even healthy people feel better to meet these gentle and beautiful animals.

As alpaca owners, we are very happy to let other people take advantage of these incredibly wonderful creatures.

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